bitcoin casino

There are several ways you can consider to get your hands on Bitcoins. You can start with Bitcoin faucet, which is considered a profit sharing plan that pays out a few Satoshis just by performing activities like entering CAPTCHAs and playing games. The payouts are usually funded by advertising agencies.

If you are eyeing for bigger Bitcoin prizes, you can consider joining Bitcoin lotteries. You must know that a Bitcoin lottery works like Mega Millions or Powerball where players need to purchase a ticket in the hope of winning a jackpot. The only difference here is you can choose you to be paid out in Bitcoins instead of the same dollar amount in cash.

There are many lottery sites now offering different prize tiers and jackpots. As a player, you have to play with caution. Aside from reading reviews, you should also watch out for related social media posts to ensure that you are dealing with a regulated site. A regulated site ensures a fair and smooth game.

After registering, you should think about increasing your odds of winning. Remember that in Bitcoin lottery, the probability of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 13,983,816. Though this looks very slim, Bitcoin lottery is easier to win compared to EuroMillions and Powerball.

To increase your odds of winning, you should consider the following factors:


Syndicate is not bad. In a lottery, a syndicate is good because it can significantly improve your chances of winning. In lottery syndicate, it involves a group of players that purchase lottery tickets together. If the jackpot is hit, the share will be proportionate to the contribution of every participant.

Syndicate typically consists of a group of colleagues, friends, and relatives. You have to remember that in this strategy, the more people who participate in the game, the more lines it can buy. With this, you will be closer to the jackpot.

Number combinations

If you do not want to join a group or syndicate, you should consider number combinations and increase it. This simply means that you have to buy more lines of combinations. This way, you increase your chances of winning rewards. What’s best in Bitcoin lotto is you can win prizes for getting at least two correct numbers.


More importantly, you should play more often. Since the draws happen every day (except on Sundays), you have plenty of opportunities to win.

Bottom Line

While there are many free online lottery sites you can consider, it is crucial that you read the site’s fine print at the onset. This is how you determine whether or not you are dealing with a rogue or a regulated provider.